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Is it ok for my gig

Hi! I have uploaded my first gig on 18 August. Is the impression and clicks are ok for my gig? I didn’t share my gig on the social media platform. When I try to search by using a related keyword, I can’t find my gig anywhere but impressions and clicks are increasing. Soon I will upload my other service gigs. Can anyone please suggest me.


@editormj It is normal even this happens to me but the impression of 300-500 is too low that it appear on every search of your. You will find it when your impression reaches about 2-5K per month then it is possible for you to find your gig. When we see this impression on our Analytics it just means that it appear on an average about 7-9th page in a gig search or sometime on 2nd or 3rd so this is normal. You can upload your next gig and make sure you optimise it correctly as per keyword so that it appear on the first or second page in the search.
Hope this will help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your precious time. I have already started to work with 2nd gig. Hope soon I will share my experience here.:blush: