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Is it ok if I blog about the completed gigs?

My gigs are related to server management, web development and programming. The gigs I have been involved with cover various subject matters (i.e. statistics, data mining, security, chemistry, biotechnology, etc) and sometimes solve challenges that others might be interested in. I am interested to blog about the problems I face while solving a gig and solution to that. I also want to put my fiverr badge, in case someone is interested to hire me.

I don’t sign NDA for any project. And I don’t intend to publish any data that can point to any specific buyer, keeping the buyers anonymous. Under the circumstances, is it okay to blog about the problems and solutions related to fiverr gigs I have worked on and put a badge of my profile to that page?

Yes you can do this. There is a place on this site where you can get a link to your gigs to put on your blogs.

Whenever I do a Facebook ad that I like, I will ask my buyer for permission to share it with my Facebook fans, most say yes, most want the extra publicity or are honored you want to share their work.