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Is it ok if I use both options "Fiverr revenue card" and "Bank Tranfer"?


Please tell me that is it OK to use both “fiverr revenue card” as well as “Bank transfer option” for transferring my earnings?

Please Tell me all problems or disadvantages if they happen.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask.

Both are fine withdrawal avenues.


I meant to say that If I use Both. Like whenever I want to use “Bank transfer” I am able to use it OR whenever I want to use “Fiverr revenue card” I am able to use it.
Like using two withdrawing resources on payoneer.


I think that is perfectly OK.
After all fiver Revenue card is option using which you can attached payment options like Payoneer, whereas Bank transfer is done to your local bank where your account lies.


there will be double deduction from my earnings by using both?


If you want to transfer it to Payoneer that is absolutely free.
However, I think there are some charges deducted when you are transferring it to Bank (Although I am not sure about that).
In my opinion better approach may be is to transfer it using fiverr revenue card as it is quick and efficient.


Thanks man :slight_smile:


It has been a pleasure. :slight_smile:



I have applied to the “fiverr revenue card” option and I sent $8 to payoneer account. But I don’t have the “fiverr revenue card” although I have payoneer debit card.
What should I do now please explain?


You can use both. Its not a problem.


Sorry for a delayed response.
If you have given the credentials of your payoneer card while you were applying
for fiverr revenue card then 'fiver revenue card is in fact your payoneer card".
What i mean to say is that when you click on the option “Fiver Revenue card” the amount is going to be transferred to payoneer automatically.


ok ! Thank You For your response :slight_smile:


I hope it is clear now! :slight_smile:


Yeah 100%… But can You tell me which bank is suitable that I use Payoneer card for money transaction. Like Having good dollar exchange rate and less deduction.


As far as conversion part is concerned, it is done at payoneer’s end.
I have been using Meezan bank since I joined fiverr and I never noticed any deduction being done.
But in my opinion HBL is the best option to go for it, as whenever I receive a payment from payoneer, it is transferred from HBL, which means they are having an account in HBL(in Pakistan).


Yeah its ok about bank transfer. But I was asking about the payoneer card that which bank atm should I use.

Thank You!


As i mentioned earlier HBL.
From payoneer to HBL.
I hope it is clear now


Thank You! :slight_smile: @myounas853


@myounas853 Can you tell me how much time does it take to transfer to bank From payoneer (by selecting bank withdrawal option) .

Today I transferred, so any idea that in how much time would I receive the funds?


I haven’t used bank withdrawl option until now.

However, based upon a friend’s experience, it may takes upto 7 days.

In my opinion better approach is to always use payoneer card, as I have received payment even in an hour once.

Furthermore, payoneer doesn’t have any charges as well except market conversion rates.
If you haven’t attached a payoneer card to your account until now, Now is the perfect time to create and attach.

If you want to know about Payoneer, please ask me in chat section through my fiverr account.
My fiverr id is myounas853.