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Is It OK Not To Review Buyers?

I know Fiverr wants “honest reviews” from sellers, but I don’t feel comfortable giving 5-stars if there’s a chance they have given me 4-stars or less.

Today, I gave 5 stars to a woman who gave me a $8 tip, and someone else who always gives me 5 stars, but I think it’s extremely unfair that I have to review them to see what review they got me.

I also see I’m not able to modify the reviews I write. This is terrible, what if I make a spelling mistake? What if I write something wrong?

So is it OK not to review orders?


Based on everything I’ve read and my own experience of late, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll get screwed one way or another, sorry.


This is being widely discussed here: Blind Reviews & The Day I Started Censoring Myself

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Yes. Buyers want to see what other buyers have to say about you, not what you want to say about them.


Whether you give the buyer a 5* or 1*, the buyer doesn’t really care as all seller would accept the buyer’s order without taking into consideration the buyer’s star.


Fiverr seems to have adopted the Moviepass model, where they just change the rules anytime to whatever they want. Very frustrating.


LOL Not being able to correct spelling errors is a problem for me, because I always type so fast, and usually (as a rule) have to go back and correct a few things…:no_mouth:

I noticed that as well. Wonder what the great benefit of that is?

I also wonder (and have asked on another thread) if buyers can modify their reviews.

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I think the point of reviewing a buyer is simply to show potential buyers that you are personable and approachable.

For example if your buyer had a great review, you can simply reply by saying “it was lovely working with you!” Don’t shy away from simple and kind words.

I don’t think that not rating a buyer could affect you negatively but i would definitely use it in a positive way if I were you.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Copywriters are judged more on their spelling than on creativity. If you make a spelling mistake, people think you can’t write. So I agree, for us, and anyone who cares about correcting mistakes, is a huge deal.

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Yes, a buyer can modify a review within 5 days after he had gave you the review. either from 1 star to 5 star. all you need is to open dispute at the top right after the buyer have made an unsatisfied review. If he modify it, it would change but if not after 5 days, it can’t be changed anymore

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I appreciate the info. Personally, I don’t have time to dispute reviews If I get a bad review, I just want to give my buyer a bad review. I don’t want to have a conversation about why my work was good with someone who disagrees.

Hey Victor :slight_smile: Thanks!! Is the only way a buyer can change it, is by using the Resolution Center?
In other words, he/she can’t just go in and change it on their own?

Right! I have a proofreading gig as well – as my other marketing gigs, so I try and double check so I don’t look illiterate lol

:zipper_mouth_face::expressionless: I better brush up on that now that we have no option…

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