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Is it ok or not Logo design price is 5$

many many buyers in Fiverr here come for only 5$ services but they don’t know the right price value of logo design. In that case, it is very harmful to a designer. that why I expand my service value here is it
please check or
I don’t know how to solve this problem if you have any suggestions please let me know


Value your time, your work and yourself. Underpriced work only attracts the wrong buyer.


Logo design is one of the fiercest, most competitive, over-saturated, and undercutting categories in all of Fiverr. It is also filled with people who’ve watched ridiculous “money gurus” and think the category is easy money and requires no real skill.

Starting off in the logo category is like fending for yourself in an arena full of violent gladiators and hungry lions while scorching volcanic ash is raining down on everyone.


A professional logo designer does not charge $5 to create a logo.

That should be all the information you need.


Absolutely correct! 100%

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5$ not enough for logo


don’t make the same mistake the Nike logo designer made :man_facepalming:

and of course:
logo for a simple gamer: oh yes $5

logo for a big company: $500 - $1000 etc

This is where Fiverr is going now. A lot of people from India and Pakistan who make demands for “professional” services but arent willing to pay professional prices. Sadly, there are too many people willing to do these cheap jobs because they want to get started and the buyers know this and take advantage of it. Nothing will change until sellers take a stand and charge their worth not, what these cheapskate buyers want to pay.


Yea but from those two countrys most of sellers have fake information, and 80% have been using already done work and just changing text or little bit refurbish the logo. Or most of the time they use templates.

yes i agree with you but i work many usa client and find they are comes to for 5$ logo and new on fiverr

True - but they wont come asking for cheap work if there is no cheap work being provided.
Nothing will change until sellers take a stand and charge appropriately.