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Is it ok that i work on this order

Hi, a buyer messaged me today about making a website explainer, but his website is about escort girls…is it ok if i work on this ?

It all depends on you. If you feel okay building the site, you can go on. Otherwise, you can cancel the order. Fiverr is a marketplace. You are free to do anything as long as you are not violating terms and conditions

Totally ok if you are comfortable doing it. I always reserve the right not to edit podcasts on material I don’t feel comfortable with, and buyers generally respect that in fairness - just be straight up with them if you’re not comfortable, and don’t cancel without fully explaining - they will move on and find somebody who is comfortable. :slight_smile:

Sure why not? I don’t think this will violate fiverr’s terms of service.

Thank you guys :slight_smile: