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Is it ok to add same gig description for all my gigs?Is it cause to reduce my gig impressions ?Please help me

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Your gig descriptions would only be the same for 3 gigs if all 3 gigs were offering the same service, which would be against the ToS. :wink:

Why not make them different?

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Essentially, all three of your gigs are identical… at least identical in the Description field. In what way is this a good thing? Imagine if you had 15 orders, with 5 orders being placed on each of your three gigs. It would be much better to have all 15 orders on one gig. That way this one gig could become popular and be more easily promoted by fiverr.
Also… the other comment here indicates this is against the terms of service. I’m not sure if that’s true but it definitely seems like it could be true. Regardless if it is or isn’t true, only have one gig… that will be better for you.