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Is it OK to ask a buyer to accept the order delivery?

Hey Guys and Happy new year !
it has been 6 days now since I delivered an order for a buyer (who I’ve worked with before) but until now she hasn’t accept it ! I see her online from time to time and I’m hesitating asking her to accept the order.

should I ask her to accept it ? or is it unprofessional to do so !
thank you


I don’t think you should. I think it would be pressuring the buyer. They’ve been given extra time to check it and it’s supposed to be the buyer’s decision whether and when to accept it.


Thank you for replying
but if she did not accept it and left it like that … will that affect my fiverr account ?

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No, it won’t. Autocompleted orders don’t affect your account.


thank you so much :smiley:

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Others will confirm if this is a good idea or not, but what I’ve been doing so far is that when I deliver my work I write something like this:

“Hi! Here is your delivery. If everything is up to your liking you can accept the delivery or it will auto complete in 3 days. If there is anything you want me to change or add you can ask for a revision. You have X revisions left.
Thank you for ordering my gig…blablabla.”

I think that just mentioning it like this is a polite way to encourage the seller to accept the delivery without sounding pushy.


thank you so much for the tip, but I have already wrote a message like that with the attachments, still no answer, I see the buyer online all the time (so the delay is not caused buy the holidays or something like that )

Never it’s manipulating even though you asking from good heart when it’s come to rules it’s not ethical.

Imagine if you sent a message to the buyer that to accept the order buyer can clearly can take screenshot and send to the Fiverr CS and they will give you a warning.

Stay away from that for your own account good health :wink:


that was so clever of you :open_mouth: I didn’t even thought of that !

Just say …
I’ve delivered your order. Please check it.

alternately, you should ask her that is their any problem with the delivery.