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Is it ok to ask buyer to complete the order?

Is it ok to ask buyer to complete the order? Just to complete the order. Not asking any reviews or anything. Just to complete, Something like “if you’re happy with the delivery you should be able to complete from your end now”

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I wouldn’t do that. In case a buyer later discovers they aren’t satisfied with your delivery and complains, support could interpret that as a try to manipulate the system by urging the buyer to complete the order instead of leaving them the 3 days they officially have. Why risk that, it’s just 3 days.


No that is pushy. Just let it auto complete.


That sounds very demanding. Don’t mention it at all.


Please don’t demand something like that from your buyer. It will create negative impression.

I used to … but don’t any more. Strict application of Fiverr TOS can interpret that as manipulative …


I often ask my regular clients to complete the order, if deadline reached. It may create negative impression for new clients.