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Is it ok to ask this question?


Hello Fiverr Family,

I wanted to know if anybody knows if it is ok to put a question in my gig requirements “How did you hear about my gig?”

Thanks in advance for your time.

-Pastor Dre


Yes, I think you can include a question in your order requirements. I would make the question an optional requirement, though.


Sure. I did it on my requirements and you’ll know how customer found u. Pretty handy.


Thank you much appreciated and I learned something new. Thanks again.

  • It’s okay to ask this question.
  • It’s NOT okay to ask this question!
  • What was the question?

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Hi @blaisefaint

How did you make that questionaire, that is pretty cool?

p.s. Ooops another question.



Nice thank you much appreciated.


Nice! That’s successful discussion! It’s very nice when I see someone propose something and all other members support it!

Keep Moving Forward!