Is it ok to change profile?


Is it normal to change profile picture, I mean if it doesn’t keep the account inactive for some time?


Yes It’s normal, nothing happen if you change the profile picture.


And what if we delete the Gig and create new one? Do we lose all the score we had earned on it?


sure, you can change profile picture


If you delete the gig. You will not lose the review that you already got. If you create new gigs. It will take time to index your new gig in Fiverr search result.


Ok thanks for the info, infact one improves overtime and thinks of changing the old ones, so its better to change the Gig images rather than deleting all the Gig altogether. But sometimes you want to add another design category to you Gigs then you have to delete the earlier one as you can’t upload more than 7 Gigs.