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Is it ok to complete my buyers request before the order?

I am a Designer and got many such inbox messages from buyers that i have to design there request first and if they are ok with my design then only they are going to order my gig.

I want to know that is it ok to do the work before order as every single gig is improtant for me or i must ask the buyer to order my gig and then only i will provide them the required request?



Buyers will very rarely place an order after you submit work to them. Simply tell anyone who asks you to do work prior to placing an order that you are very sorry but you can only commit to providing work after orders have been placed.

Thankyou cyaxrex…I want to know this as i am afraid of loosing an order…but you were right i think…Thanks

I understand your position. What I do is, (depending on the conversation with the buyer), I use jing to take a screen shot and let my “potential buyer” see what I can do for them before they order.

Simply water mark your screen shot and if they are not interested, just move on. If they like it, then you may get yourself an order. :slight_smile:

I agree that they need to first order your gig and then you do the work.
If they do not like it afterwards that’s ok because the rule is that a buyer cannot simply say that they do not like it and get out of paying.

You should take the order first.

Thanks all for your support…i like your idea idostuff4u…i can watermark my design and send them a screenshot…Thanks for the idea.:slight_smile:

You should show the sample of your work WITH WATERMARK on it so that the buyers can’t use it.
I also show my work samples to some EXTRA touchy buyers before they actually order my gig :slight_smile: There’s nothing wrong with that

It works for me most times :slight_smile:

yes…you are right…will do that…Thanks