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Is it OK to do a job different than the one advertised by your gig?

Because I was demoted, I had to pause a few gigs. Today a client messaged asking for a TV script, but I don’t have a TV gig anymore, so I sent him a custom offer on my proofreading gig, to write a TV script.

Is that OK? Or should I have a generic gig for all kinds of projects just for situations like this?

So long as you’re clear in your custom gig with what you’re offering, it would seem absolutely fine.

Good luck with it! :sunny:


Yes, just do a Custom Order and take the info form your old (paused) Gig and note the pricing for the Buyer and agree on work and price prior to. I’m in the same boat where Fiverr automatically paused a bunch of my Gigs and I am going to have my regular Buyer’s who are interested in the Gig that’s being paused by Fiverr because of this “Levels” nonsense.

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I´d pick a gig that´s a bit closer, in this case, the “I will write a radio commercial”, for instance, would seem the more logical choice to me vs proofreading, and then be clear about it in the custom offer.

Common sense, I guess, would say if it happens once in a while, it doesn´t really matter and probably nobody will care, but if you often do a lot of orders that aren´t in the scope of a gig, it may be seen similar to changing a gig too much because the reviews aren´t relevant to the specific gig/skill anymore then (which we know is a no-no). Then, a more generic gig like “I will write for you” may be better.

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I no longer have any writing gigs, other than letter writing, I only do proofreading. I have had more than one buyer ask me to write an intro or/and a summary for their book jackets. I did it thrugh a custom offer on my proofreading gig.

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It might be a good idea, just in case.

If something goes wrong with the script, and the client complains to CS that he didn’t get what was advertised, and the title of the custom offer mentions proofreading, not TV scripts… Well, CS might agree with them. Plus, as @miiila said, if you often do non-proofreading through a proofreading gig, somebody might see it as manipulation.

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I should have thought of that, thank you! Announcer copy on radio and TV can be pretty much the same.

Thank you all for your feedback.

And I will use one of my letter writing:blush: gigs from now on if I am asked to write.