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Is it ok to give the iPhone app seller my apple app developer account?

i want the seller to add a feature on my iPhone app and he told me he will need my app developer account or possibly iTunes Connect account also, so he could also submit it to the app store. how safe is that? he has hundreds of 5 star reviews and he told me not to worry because he had done it plenty of times to different clients. did anybody else experienced this? should i give it or NAH?

Did you already buy the gig? And is the gig specifically for adding features to your iPhone app? If so, once yo pay for the gig I think it is probably ok, and that seller probably has asked permission from Customer Support.

But never give your personal contact information to anyone before paying for a gig.

Though I would be a little concerned about giving someone your iTunes Connect account, which is something that has your credit card information in it, right?

As for your app developer account, I think you should temporary change the password, then let them into it, then change it back or to something different after the gig is complete.

But if you are concerned, you can yourself, ask Customer Support if it’s ok.