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Is it ok to have links in your gig description?

This is an old subject but with all the changes of late, it’s worth discussing again. Does anyone know, for absolute certainty, whether having links in gig descriptions is permitted. For instance, a FAQ document linked as a google doc.

2 years ago my shortened links (to another gigs of mine) determined fiverr staff to ban my gigs. Now I see many TRS are using without problems shortened links even to other websites (documents, pictures, youtube, etc).

In reality… the problem of links is relative (it depends by the fiverr employee who’s evaluating your links)!

hello, no you can’t place any link in any description.

Yes You can put links in you gig description,

Hope it helps.

Ask Customer Support before you get any smart ideas. It’s the only way to be sure!

Yes, please confirm with the customer support team first. Two of my gigs were brought down even though they had ‘allowed URLs’ mentioned over here."

Also, please do NOT put any URLs in your profile description. Warnings generated by the Editorial System can directly affect your Levels status

I’ve only seen URLS in a couple of gigs. Thanks for the warning love_jane.