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Is it ok to promote your Gigs On Social Media?

This has been a debated question

Some say you must promote your gigs on social media as it helps you get orders yet others say You should not promote it as it makes fiverr look unprofessional

I personally do not promote my gig on social media as it makes me look very unprofessional and people wont come to message or buy my gig
Let me know what you think? :smile:

If you have let’s say private instagram account with people that you know following you could post your fiverr gig on story and write something like "Guys if you need this done contact me. It only costs 10$ but for friends it is 15$ :laughing: " (just a stupid example you get the point) one time and that’s it.

If you already have your business account on instagram, facebook, deviantart, what not, you could post something like: We are now offering our services on fiverr for your comfort.

What I am trying to say is that posting “PLEASE BUY FROM ME THIS IS MY FIVERR GIG PLEASE MY SISTER DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO EAT AND HER BIRTHDAY IS COMING” or just posting every day definitelly won’t get you any positive attention. :grin:

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That is a great piece of advice and you do have a great sense of humor :joy:

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The thing is most sites have banned people from sharing Fiverr links. I HATE SPAM! It’s nasty! I’ve seen a handful of people promote Fiverr but they do it in a tasteful manner. The other people promoting Fiverr on social media. Just spam, spam, and spam. No substance, just barking orders. They are in a desperate mode to get people to buy their gigs. Whenever I see people spamming the heck out of Fiverr. They end up on my block list permanently. :pineapple:

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Yes i think you are completely correct people spam on a lot of websites especially on facebook
I feel when you spam people to buy your gig it feels more like a scam or like beggars who dont have patience I 100% agree with you