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Is it ok to proofread a text outside Fiverr?

Dear Community,

As a new seller I am not quite sure what to do. Recently I got a customer asking me to proofread a text on another website using her login and password. There would be no evidence of my work on Fiverr. Is it allowed? Thank you very much!

Is someone asks me for a marketing chat, which is outside of Fiverr (on my own website) Fiverr allows that, again, provided that the actual sale and no contact information is exchanged.

That is totally fair, and you make a sale.

So in your case, the answer would be that you may do any work for anyone, anywhere provided that your payments are made through Fiverr and no contact information is given over for payments to be created outside of the Fiverr platform!

Hence the awesome reason for “FIVERR Anywhere!”

Just copy/paste the website text in a text file, make the corrections, and deliver that.

There is evidence of your work when the buyer places an order with you on Fiverr.
Send a custom order with all the details such as the link to the website, the password, the number of words in the text. Also, state what you will be doing. Is it proofreading and directly correcting the text on the website? If so then copy all of the text from the website prior to making any changes, save that and when you have proofread and corrected then copy all of the text again. Send the buyer the two files when the job is done.

I would even include the non-edited text in the initial conversation to avoid any confusion later.

This should not affect your relationship with Fiverr as long as you keep the business with Fiverr.

I guess there is nothing wrong about that,Provided the transaction was executed on fiverr.

What I do in a case like this when a buyer ask me to do some work and they see that I have completed the work on the site, I take a screenshot of what is actual done and deliver this in the order page, this might be useful if you do not want to do the copying.

If I needed to hire a wordpress expert to work on my blog, I would have to create a login and password just for him. Fiverr allows it, it’s a similar situation here.

Or your buyer can copy and paste the text into a word document and upload that. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing.

yea take a screen shot of the before and after. That is proof enough to submit as a “Gig delivery”

Or copy everything into a word document , proofread/fix it , send it back as a word document and let them copy and paste it into their website.

Just ask them what needs to be done. Ask them what is the best way to submit the work (take examples from what others have said here)

Once they give you a suitable answer … do it.

I’d go with the word document copy/paste + screenshots for backup proof.
Doing both is not hard

Hit the print Screen Button on your windows keyboard. (top right)
Go into microsoft pain , hit Edit>Paste (or control-V) - Save it.

Repeat after changes were amended if you do it via their website.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

TO my knowledge, as long as you do not share your contact with the buyer and the whole deal takes place here on fiverr platform…it is allow.
for example… i do get many buyer that will asked me to go check their website to see the details of their designs and how they want it to look like. i have to visit the site to see the information and work it accordingly but i get pay here oh fiverr and also deliver here.
hope this is helpful.

I think it does not allow you to get the customers…

Reply to @belengarcia: Thank you! Would it have any negative effect on my Fiverr live? B-)

Reply to @steixeira: Thank you for explaining! It is much clearer now!))

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