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Is it ok to send Files later from inbox after approval of order?

Hi,Hope all is good at your ends.So,Im here want to clarify that Is it okay to send Jpg’s & Png’s only in the first delivery and then the rest of Files like EPS,Ai,Social pack and Other things after the selection of buyer??

Or is it better to send All in the first delivery? Or should we wait to know what are thoughts of buyer about work then send Files…whats the better way?


It all depends on what your gig description says.
You should always deliver what is promised. So if your gig includes vector files, they should be in delivery.
If you want to give your buyer a preview to confirm, you can do that before delivering the order.
It is just for your own safety, because if anything goes wrong or if you encounter a scammer, the delivery is what counts, so it should be all proper and tidy and include everything that was purchased to avoid giving a buyer any formal reason to cancel.

Thanks Again for your help alyon…Mostly buyers select their fav ones for their needs after the first delivery some do ask for revision for getting perfect logo for thier needs…then,we used to send all package Files after thier selection on the Final delivery…Is this way ok?

Coz,On the First delivery…We don;t know what the buyer gonna like…then what shoud we do…Should we still send all the Project File before knowing their thoughts

Mean,We deliver all Files in the Final deliver or sometimes by inbox.

Should we sent all these in the first delivery…Or thats ok to submit those through inbox or later?