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Is it ok to send my past works through inbox?

I am a web designer.Some buyers ask for my past works. Is it ok to send links of websites designed by me through inbox?

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A better idea would be to have a portfolio of your past work on flicker or to send a notepad document with the url’s for them to copy and paste.

Sending links might get you into trouble. It used to be fine, as long as there was no info that would enable the buyer to contact you outside of Fiverr, but it seems to be more strict now. It might be a good idea to contact Customer Support and ask them for advice (save the screenshot of their response, so if you get into trouble, you can prove that you did what CS told you to do).


That’s a good idea .Thanks :grinning:

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Do I need to ask from CS each and every time when the buyers ask for portfolios? What do you think about idostuff4u’s idea? Is it ok to send flicker link?

Is it ok to send flicker link?

You could try getting a screenshot of the websites that you’ve made and then send those screenshots through your inbox. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, of course not. Ask them once for the general rule.

If I remember correctly, Flickr was on the list of allowed URLs (as long as there was no information there that would enable buyers to contact you outside of Fiverr), but I can’t find that list now in the Help section.

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