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Is it OK to Use Skype etc For Tutoring?


I have a client that requires tutoring. Is it okay to use skype/other IM platforms for the tutorial? Don’t want to violate the rules.

Thanks in advance for your assistance


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hi talktop, i will advise you massage fiverr through customer support and verified if you can and also be careful when leaving the platform to do jobs, i might not be into the video tutor niche but alternately you can record the tutor video and upload as delivery that would be a proof that you actually did the job in case the buyer tries to be inappropriate. good luck

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It is ok but you should add that in the title of your gig
"I will be your tutor on Skype" something like that.
Also, add it in the gig description.

If you want to use Skype you need to get permission from Customer Support and it is a good idea to keep a screenshot of the reply for future reference.


Thank all for the answers. Just to play safe, I had sent an email to support for some time, yet to get a response from them but in the meantime, we have been using the message board on the platform to that.

Thanks all