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Is it okay for new sellers to negotiate the offer?

Should a new seller negotiate the offer or just stick to the offer made at first?

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It’s a really personal decision. Even if you’re a new seller on here, doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself for cheap if you don’t want to. I’d say negotiation is a fundamental part of every contract and there’s nothing wrong with it. Of course it would be better not to lose the job, but some buyers are a real pain in the … :grinning:

Negotiation also helps you understand what kind of buyer you have in front and if you get them right from the start you might prevent a lot of issues.

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Agreed. Thankyou Caesar! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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A seller needs to have pride in their skills and place value on their time.

Negotiating is all part of business.

But there is a major difference between negotiating down an $80 order to $75 to show good will as a new seller, and offering to do double the work with limitless revisions on a low value $5 gig.

Common sense has to come into play.