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Is it okay to ask buyer complete the order?

Today i have got 3 orders from the same buyer. For the first two it was all ok, buyer completed the order and left 5 star reviews
But for the last order things are not same!
I delivered the order buyer was happy with the order. Few hours later i asked the buyer if everything is okay
He replied " Good dear"
Then i said " If everything is okay then approve the delivery"
But no response!
He is continuously online.
Is it okay that i have asked the buyer to complete the order?


Its alright to ask to mark your order as complete as far as you are not mentioning reviews…
May be he/she is still checking your delivery ? or actually didnt get a time to check it ? you can wait !

But Yes You asked and thats alright…its your money, you worked for it and you have a right to ask to release funds. !


I delivered in the morning and and the buyer was online the whole day, now i asked if everything is okay, buyer said it’s all right, he checked everything.
I just can’t understand why he’s not completing the order!

You already asked, now DONT do it again…let it auto complete in next 3 days…!


Okay, thanks for the suggestion😊

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May be buyer is busy with another work, no problem it will be as a completed Order after 72 hours, Thanks


The order autocompletes after 3 days.

It is up to the buyer as to whether or not they wish to let that happen.

Best just to leave them alone.


When you deliver your work, you can tell them, “if everything is ok, can you please complete the job?”


Actually the buyer ordered repeatedly so i thought there will be no problem!
Even when i delivered in the morning buyer said everything is okay but didn’t completed it, Now he’s continuously online still not approving the delivery.
If everything is okay then what’s the problem?

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They don’t have to complete the order, it’ll do so on it’s own in 3 days. Just leave it alone and wait.


Some buyers may be reluctant in fulfilling their commitment of approving the delivery of order quickly without sensitizing that the seller has worked hard and given his/ her best in delivering the project. Thankfully Fiverr has fixed the deadline of 72 Hrs. to let the order automatically assumed delivered/ completed keeping in view the interest of sellers. I can see that many of the respondents have suggested not to bother buyer again and again and wait for 72 Hrs. so that the work automatically gets approved by Fiverr. I fully agree with this…Best wishes

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