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Is it okay to ask for Instagram username and password from buyer?

Is it okay to ask for Instagram username and password from the buyer for social media management. As my buyer has placed an order on my gig, and in the requirements, I have asked about the Instagram username and password. So, I just thought to ask is it safe?


Fiverrs TOS strictly forbid communication outside of fiverr…

If there is no way to complete the job, we can ask the buyers for user name & password.

But my gig is about social media management. Without getting his username and password, how can i manage his account?

Yeah, without getting his log in details, i can’t handle his social media accounts.

I don’t know, but I wonder if people have to give their id and password for this kind of niche, I would never share personal infos

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It is part of the work to enhance their followers.

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What would that help? Is that how you get around the rules on other things? :roll_eyes:

For the OP, I suggest you research if there is another way to manage an Instagram account for clients. If there isn’t, you can specify in your gig description that you will need their password in order to complete the job and make it a requirement upon ordering. Otherwise, you can always ask CS for clarification to be 100% sure.


Its a short term suggestion, if his buyer is awaiting otherwise your advice is really helpful :+1:


No it’s not legal to ask buyer about it’s personal information.
Fiverr consider it out sourcing. So, be careful dear. Have a Good Day.

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no you can’t , it’s still a violation of the tos

Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page.

Taken from here:

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true however let’s not forget that Fiverr decides what’s necessary or not

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I think you can ask the buyer for log in details for this purpose.

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Good idea if you are into looking to breaking the rules. If a seller shows me they can easily break the rules on a platform that is there to generate money for them, I will definitely not trust them enough to give them my password.

Here is the correct way to go about this situation. @raditz000 should have contacted CS before they even created the gig and asked them the proper way of going about being a social media manager. That way when they received an order, they would know what was allowed and what wasn’t.

If the username and password necessary for completing all orders through this gig. Then I suggest you add a question about this in the requirements section of your gig.