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Is it okay to buy a review as a new seller?

when you don’t get any order at starting,is it good to buy your first purchase?


Really? What do you think? You’re asking if it’s okay to commit fraud. Have you even read TOS?


Do you know what are you talking about?
Are you anykind of serious for Fiver?


i am newbie on fiverr that why don’t know their TOS. By the way
thanks for your response.

What do you mean? When you join Fiverr, you have to tick the box that says ‘I agree to TOS’, so if you just ticked it without reading, you’ve formed a binding contract when you don’t even know the terms.

Also: Two of your gigs are basically the same. One of them is ‘Logo Design with a Free Business Card’ and the other is a ‘Business Card with free Logo Design’


Take it easy on the guy, I stumbled upon advice on the net when I was starting where the guy suggested “buy the first ten reviews with your friends and then, your life will be easy”.

Most of that kind of advices date from long time ago, when fiverr didn’t have any rules on that in the TOS. And It was the time when 10 reviews were enough to get you to Level 1.

But that is long over and now it is against the TOS, as the others explained. If fiverr understands that you manipulate the reviews, you’ll be kicked out.


It’s not only about fiverr :thinking: that rules are everywhere. That’s just common sense. Anywhere you go buying fake reviews is illegal, in any platform, in any country. I guess it wasn’t in the rules because it’s the same as stealing, everybody knows that stealing is bad, the same here everybody should know that lying to your clients is fraud. :woman_shrugging:


It’s never good to buy reviews, unless you want to be permanently banned.


thanks sir for your advise

thanks for your time and advise,i really appreciate

Thats just not true. You cannot compare it to stealing, thats going over the line. If it was not in the TOS, who could prevent you doing it? The police? I even think that this is so old, that fiverr even tolerated it at the time to get more sellers in.

Now if we are talking common sense, this is completely wrong, we can agree on that. You shouldn’t do that. But you cannot put someone in jail for it, for sure

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I think she meant it is against the rules when she said “illegal”. Of course Fiverr does not employ police to come snatch you from your chair to haul you off to jail if you are found to be buying your own Gig.



okay can you please tell me what should i do now?change the gig or only title ?

Make a new topic under the “Improve My Gig” category if you want someone to look at your Gig and make suggestions.



I think fraud thing is not good. Honesty is the best policy.

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This is bad satire



What do you think when an other seller bought a fake reviews and then he will rank better than you :thinking:

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Don’t try ‘get quick rich schemes’, they don’t work! Take your time, be patient and continuously improve what you offer. The buyers will come!

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