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Is it okay to cancel an order merely because the buyer is being unreasonable?

I have been on Fiverr for a year. I completed about 600 orders and have 350+ reviews, with just one negative feedback. Recently, I took up an order to edit a document for a woman. She explained that it was a course designed by her son and she wants it to be polished. I essentially focused on shortening the sentences, because many seemed longer than Beowoulf and I fixed grammatical errors here and there. She sought a revision three days ago claiming that “it is not up to the standard” and “there are too many errors,” and “it cannot be fixed.” There was no clarity as to what the errors are. I went through the entire document twice (noticed one typo, which was my bad. Rectified it and offered a free revision because it was an error I made). I made many more changes but she keeps insisting the errors are too many, with zero backing whatsoever. I went through her profile and she seems like the person who is dissatisfied with every freelancer and my patience is wearing thin now. Because it is evident she has no intention of accepting that there is nothing wrong with the document. Should I just seek mutual cancellation on the grounds that the buyer is not satisfied?

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Whats the price, what do you lose?

She will give you negative and if that is her profile she is doing that continuously. Maybe you should fight it out with CS to block her from site if she is repeating bully.

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It’s about $55. But I’ve already surpassed the target I’ve set for myself this month. I have about 18 pending orders right now, so I have zero energy to fight with this buyer lol. But yes, it does make sense to report her profile I guess. Thank you!

Fiverr never suggest a seller to block buyer. Buyers always has an upper hand and sometimes YES! Buyer manipulate the sellers, anyhow go to CS and ask them to cancel the order for you.