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Is it okay to create gigs from two completely different domains?

This question is open to each and everyone on Fiverr. I want to create gigs from two completely different domains but domains in which I am very good at. First is digital sketching and second website development. I am concerned about what kind of impression it will create on the Buyer if they checks my profile. Will it be a good thing showing that I can multitask or will it have a negative effect like maybe he is jack of all trades? What are your thoughts?

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I think it’s fine if you can do two services really well (even if they’re from different fields). As long as you have an effective gig title, gig description as well as samples of your work (to show your level of competence/expertise), I’m sure buyers will be fine with purchasing your gigs. They just want a seller who is good at what they do and one that understands their requirements.

At the end of the day, what you offer, the pricing, how you communicate with your prospective buyers and the way you handle their project / your talent is what counts. Good luck!

Thank u for your input. Much appreciated