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Is it okay to deliver it late?


For me time frame is not important
The main important is quality of the work
How do we get sales if our work does not met the quality?


Some clients may rate you lower than 5 stars if they have deadlines.
Not everybody is willing to wait, especially when they ask for 24h delivery or inform you beforehand that they need the work done by a certain day/time.
If you struggle with time, just change your time delivery with a realistic time according to your work.
Delivering late may lead to clients mistrust. If you’re always late your clients may look for someone else who respects deadlines, with risk from your side of losing $$.
Quality is good, but quality+on time deliveries are way better


Nope all my feedbacks are 5 star…


Right now you have only 7 reviews, but I’m pretty sure that eventually you’ll meet a buyer who will not accept late delivery.
Quality means nothing if the work is not done. For example, if I’m ordering a logo for my client and there’s a strict deadline, then I won’t accept late delivery. I would cancel the order right away, ask for a refund and I would never work with that seller again.

If you can’t deliver on time then you should extend your delivery time before a buyer places an order. You need to set the right expectations and stick to your promise.


Extend your delivery time… Some buyers will not tolerate having late delivery and may even cancel the order after the 24 hours window.

So be careful.


What kind of answer should that be?
I bet you haven’t read my post properly


From my experience I’ve had the chance to set my own delivery times or work with my client’s deadline. But that’s just because I’ve just worked with custom offers, since most of the work my clients require is very specific.
So I get to set the delivery time depending on how much time I’ll need in order to deliver the best quality I can.


I think you should ask for more time if you are unable to send work on time or need to apologize from the buyers in advance. The effect of late delivery will not only make your bad impression in front of the customer but also affect your ranking in the searches so be careful!