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Is it okay to deliver the images in inbox?

Is it okay to give buyer the final images in inbox?


it’s may be much better if you give image on order page

That’s obvious, but He didn’t ask that …

You can perhaps give watermarked to protect yourself.
However if the work is completed and your happy to give it to the buyer/client.

Then you would be far better off delivering the image via the order page and mark complete.

Or you could easily risk not being paid for your work. Also this would finalise the process and then the buyer has the instructions to pay seller and give rating etc.

Best of luck


My buyer requested me to send images in inbox because they want to see without watermark.

Considering it seems to be a background removal job, it is likely they are trying to scam you, because fiverr’s wantermark wouldn’t be an issue when reviewing this kind of job.

If you don’t want to confront them and say a strict no, you can offer to lower opacity of the watermark instead.


This sounds like a scam. In order to complete an order and receive your money, you must make delivery via the ‘Deliver Now’ button. If you only send the images as a message attachment (the ‘inbox’ as you call it) - your buyer could walk away with free work and you will never receive payment. The fact they are asking you to do this suggest they have bad intentions.


I think it’s always better to send images in the order page, because they are sent with watermark. If you send it in the inbox (with no watermark), the buyer can easily just save it from there and cancel the order anytime. So he’ll have what he needed, for free.

Oh, and you’ll have a cancelled order that will affect your stats.


I understand, but I have checked the buyer’s profile, it seemed legit to me as they have some reviews too. Also, my delivery time will be marked as complete within 3 days. So, is there any way they can scam now? Can they simply cancel the order at this stage?

So long as you have formally delivered the order via the ‘Deliver Now’ button then you should be okay. Your buyer could potentially request to cancel the order, but so long as you did a good job and the buyer is genuine - you’ll be okay.


Thank you @english_voice for your response. Lucky me! I just got my delivery marked as “complete” automatically and my buyer has given me 5 star review with a good feedback. I’m happy! :grinning: