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Is it okay to do zoom chatting with buyer?

Hi everyone,

Buyer is asking to do zoom chatting to elaborate the work to do.

His explanation: “I’ve done the zoom meetings with others on Fivver and as long as we don’t deal outside of this platform there is no violation.”

I am wondering if it is okay to do video conference with buyer using zoom and then proceed the order through Fiverr? Did anyone ever had such experience? This is first time I am facing this type of approach.

Please share your experience. Thank you in advance for your valuable advice.


Fiverr strictly forbids any communication outside of the Fiverr platform. Do not do it, unless you are willing to take the consequences. I also wish there were a way on Fiverr to “video chat,” but right now there is not.


Thanks for your doubt Paul_kish. I had the same doubt . Thanks for your valuable feedback as well. Linneahousekeepe.

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As per Fiver Its a sin to use any other platform to communicate with buyer instead of Fiver Chat. No matter you completes the order on Fiver or not that guy could blackmail you in future by taking screenshots of your sessions and could ask you to do anything otherwise he would get your account suspended. BE AWARE.


I recommend you to don’t do that. As Fiverr has clearly mentioned " All communication must go through Fiverr"

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Thank you so much fellow Fiverr users. I really appreciate your advice!

Now I am confident and confirm that avoiding him is the best way at this moment. :slight_smile:

Some sellers also chat by skyp e for teaching English or other languages , I do have a gig long time ago that have to chat with other chat tools . It dosen’t mean you have to only chat on fiverr
, It sometimes depends on whether you really need it other chat tools for your service .

But never let buyers pay by other way , only pay on fiverr .


It depends on if it’s needed or not. Contact CS and ask.

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Let me guess. Your average selling price is $5?

Even if it’s not, does the price of your gig reflect the fact that you offer Zoom consultations?

There is a 99% chance that this person has no plans to buy from you. If they do have such plans, they will only commit to a purchase after they get you to agree to a discounted rate based on the idea of:

  • Lots of future work.
  • The experience will be good for you.
  • They are a ne business on a budget, but they are going places!

Just run. people like this only target cheap or new sellers. If you want to offer Zoom chats/consultations, ask Fiverr CS for permission, get it, and create a standalone consultation gig that you charge for.


Thank you for your valuable comment.

I will contact with CS. Thank you!

Thank you for explaining in details. Actually there is nothing related to video conference. I wrote him several time that it is not possible to do zoom meeting. But he wants to explain me his requirement via video chat. Really funny! Btw he is a top buyer though.

He’s insisting either because he’s lazy and doesn’t feel like typing it all out. He wants to ramble on and expect you to take notes on the salient points.

Or he wants to take the conversation off of Fiverr so he can ask you to take the business off of Fiverr.

So just ditch him and forget about him. No one legitimate acts like this.

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Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is better to avoid him.

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Of course you cannot, a Zoom call would definitely come under Communication. Run for the hills.

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Thank you so much for your comment. :slight_smile:
After getting all helpful advice, finally I could make my decision and I refused his proposal.

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linneahouskeepe - that is 100% not TRUE! Fiverr does allow communication outside of Fiverr if it is necessary to secure a Gig or deliver a Gig. Everyone needs to stop scaring people on the platform! For goodness sakes, there is even an offer category for delivering online lessons! If you couldn’t communicate outside of the Fiverr platform, how could you give an online lesson. :confused: Stop telling people they cannot communicate outside of Fiverr. It is only not allowed if it is being used to circumvent Fiverr TOS and hire someone outside of the platform! >:(

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@humanissocial - of course legitimate companies prefer the efficiency of a video chat to typing everything out! That is how much business is conducted. It’s incredibly inefficient and tiresome to have multiple chats over several hours when everything can be explained in a 5 - 10 minute conversation! Why the heck would you tell someone that this is not a legitimate way to conduct business when a majority of the world conducts business in this way???


Agreed. People - contact CS and get permission. I regularly do calls with my leads prior to sending an offer. If you’re offering serious services at serious price points, it’s all good.

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Is CS team customer support? If so, can I talk to them or chat with them to get some clarifications?