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Is it okay to give previews if a logo design

Hello there,
I just want to know is it okay to provide previews of a design?
I am confident that my design can impress a client but in the back of my head I have this feeling that what if they dont like the my design style.
So what should I do? should I provide a preview of not.
I am open to discussions
Thank you for your time!


You seem to be new Seller and this is legitimate concern. Some Buyers try to scam new Sellers.

You may want to use watermark and/or register your design (eg WIPO) if you are requested to send preview.

I saw that one of your logo Gigs says 100% satisfaction. Really bad idea if you do not want to work for free. The same with unlimited revisions in some of Gig´s packages.

By the way your 30,000+ clients around the world is impressive. It sounds like Fiverr is just a side job.


Oh okay,
Thanks a lot

If you mean create something to show that buyer, no.

Never do any work unless you get paid to do it.

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