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Is it okay to host my gig on someone account?


I recently received an offer from another seller who happens to be a frequent buyer of my services, he gave me the chance to publish a gig on his account and we divide the revenue 50-50. This is win win for us, i trust him.

But i’m wondering if this is okay? I don’t want to break any Fiverr TOS. I read it several times and can’t find a solution to my question.

Will really appreciate your input on this.

Category is: Programming > Wordpress

Thank you

Why not put it on your own account and get 100% of the revenue?

This is ringing so many alarm bells for me I’m afraid…

I know this will open up a new line of debate, he’s from a 1st world country while I’m from 3rd one with a bad reputation online already. So he knows how to get bigger deals while bigger custom offers scare away first time buyers from my end, I have to charge considerably low.

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You’ve got a fabulous reputation on Fiverr, which is all that matters.

You’ve got over 1,600 reviews.

I fear somebody’s trying to take advantage of you - if you want to add another Wordpress gig to your profile then please do, and I’m sure you’ll do really well with it! :sunny:

What’s being suggested by your buyer is against the ToS BTW.


Thank you sir, very much appreciated. That was what I’m afraid of, don’t want to break any rule.