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Is it okay to offer something else other than what gig says?


I wanted to know is it okay to offer something else other than mentioned in the gig?

My main gig is for a logo, If someone asks me to make a Facebook Banner? Or a Label? and I ask them to order my logo gig is it allowed? Or is it against ToS?

Fiverr is a great opportunity for me and I dont want to lose it by doing something wrong.

any help would be appreciated.

Why not start a new gig with a broader spectrum of deliverables?

It makes more sense to diversify.

It appears that you are just looking for ways to game the system and end up with a gig with lots of reviews from different people as soon as possible. (judging by your previous thread)

Dear Frank_D,

I am only focusing on Logos and Wordpress for now. I just want to keep 2 gigs and keep them managed and scale when I can, I dont want to make gigs for Fb banner and then make another for stuff thats related. I will if Its breaking a rule. I dont want to break one.

Your comments on all my previous posts (3-4) are always negative, Why would I want more reviews on one gig when i am getting reviews on my profile? I appreciate constructive criticism as that helps me, but stop always assuming that I am some villain of a movie…