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Is it okay to use stock photos?

Hi, I want to know if it is okay to use stock photos from pixabay, it’s a free stock photo website,
Thank you.

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For what?

As proof of your artistic ability?
To represent you?
A unique quality artwork someone is paying for?

Not a good call.


Alright then, thank you

No, since the original photo from a stock site doesn’t give you the right to re-sell it as your own. You could however create something out of it such as a collage or a photo manipulation which would be a different, and sellable, product.

You offer drawing. The only thing you’d accomplish by using stock photos is to convince buyers your drawings are so bad you’re ashamed of them, so you have to use stock photos to trick them into thinking that’s how good you are.

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Explain please, @catwriter

Question: how were you thinking of using the images?

You offer design services. If you’re good at what you do, you will use your own original work, not stock photos. You’ll be proud to show your own original work.

If you use stock photos, you’re telling everyone that you don’t have any original work worth showing.

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To show what image I got a reference for drawing.

Oh, reference material. That’s…
If you’re doing a side-by-side ‘references’ and ‘results’ type of thing, stock images can demonstrate skill, but it can hurt your profile just as much if done wrong.

Can you share an example here of what you would like to do?

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It’s alright, I won’t use stock images :slight_smile: