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Is it okay to write 1000 words for $5

A client wants me to write 1000 words for just $5 while the average is 500-600 words.

Well I told him I am not accepting anyways, I don’t rush to deliver my gig. I try all my possible best to deliver the best job through adequate research.

I won’t ever compromise quality.

But do you think I am missing by not accepting


Move your topic to “My Fiverr Gigs” category or remove the link from your post please.

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You already know what you will be missing. Spending a good chunk of your time earning $4 (after Fiverr takes their share) from someone who doesn’t seem to value your work.

I think you did the right thing. This is usually a red flag for bad buyers… even for those who are not on Fiverr. From personal experience they tend to ask the moon even if they are not willing to pay for it. They are like the Karen of freelancing.

I think more Freelancer should read this post:

I’m trying to work out if you’re advertising your gig or asking a genuine question.

I mean this in a friendly way, but I wouldn’t even write 1,000 words for $10 - certainly not $5.

You’re right to turn this down. A buyer who is only prepared to pay this low price is not worth it.

Time and time again it’s the cheap buyers who cause the most problems for sellers.

My rates are $25 for 500 words.

I have work I do that is non-Fiverr (got the gig before I joined Fiverr) where I have a contract in place for $50 for 1,000 words.

I do cut deals, but I would never write a 1,000 word blog/article for $5.

Maybe years ago, but not now.