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Is it only me? the gig page has a bug


I was checking a seller’s reviews and it looked weird. So I decided to go and check mine, and it looked the same. The username no longer shows and the timing is weird.


Same here! :sunny::sunny:


I see it, too!

It’s definitely not just you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s hope it’s just a bug and not permanent.

After you click on “show more” to see more reviews, the rest are normal.



When you click on show more…it looks fine. I guess they are making changes on the gig page.


I see the same. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug – or the result of changes currently being made to the reviews section.


Same here! So it’s Global Bug :wink:


Mine looks normal . . . maybe it has been fixed?


Interesting. This might be our cache. I tried with incognito and it was normal. They probably changed something but our systems are still referring to the outdated CSS file (random guess).


It’s been fixed now. Mine and everyone’s looks normal.

It just happened in the last 20 minutes.



Perhaps this is NOT a bug?



Please tell me fiverr is not actually going to show what everyone paid!!!

My clients are going to go crazy at me.

How horrible that someone thinks this is a good idea.

Let me explain why this is such an incredibly bad idea:

  1. My clients are very private people. They will not want to leave feedback if it becomes public knowledge how much they spent.

  2. My clients will see people who got a spell for $5 and wonder why they should pay $200 for the same thing. I know there are extras involved but the simplistic way the mind works will see $5 and think wow I could have only paid $5.

  3. My income and what ppl are paying will also be on public display to everyone, including competitors. Including the world. People can then figure out what my income is.

This is private information, private for me and private for my buyers.
Or at least it used to be. Now the world will know.


Agree, but it’s all gone back to normal for me now - maybe it was all a bug?


I hope so, but someone mentioned they would be doing this so it wouldn’t surprise me.


What is that military time lol


@psychicbunny It is 24 hour time. 1 is one in the morning. 12 is at noon. 23 is at 11 in the evening.