Is it only me who tried the contact me message to self only to realize that my response rate decrease, since I was unable to respond to it


Is it only me who tried the contact me button and message to self-account only to realize that my response rate decreased since I was unable to respond to it.

Here is a screenshot


It might be only you. I’ve never tried to contact myself.

What happens when you click on your name to answer your message?


It is not clickable, the message did not open.


contact customer support and ask them if they can help with this.


… why would someone do that?
smh :expressionless:
That message could remain there forever, and you’re not even able to answer…
It remembers me of those children who stick their tongues on frozen poles… to see what happens…


The incident took place a week ago, and I don’t feel like contacting them for minor issues. The snapshot was taken immediately that moment, that’s the reason it shows (less then a minute)


lol, exactly, but I was so curious.


… Please… next winter:
Stay away from poles


You have gone where no one has dared to go before.:+1:


AWW… How can you message yourself? If you need to test, You can ask or search the forum before doing it! I think it is only you… :wink:


I think you should be allowed to respond to yourself. After all, aren’t you just as worthy of a response as anyone else?


If I were you… I would report it to CS as self-spam :neutral_face:


Hahaha, That’s funny. It seems like the message will remain unread forever.


Good idea. In this way he can feel simultaneously both hurt and proud of himself; both the transgressor and the victimized.


lol, I don’t think so…


Just YOU


You can try it here. lol


It’s written contact me, and you know I was crazy about what would happen next.


Not often in life do we have an actual button to click on to contact ourselves. It’s a unique opportunity.


so you contacted yourself, EH… What next? You wanted to discuss the project and then place order and then Review it… :smile: