Fiverr Community Forum

Is it only me?

Does anyone else see the forum like this?

No, things have got messed up here.

Oh, I thought I might have a problem.
Thanks @writer99025

Everything is normal on my end. Did you try clearing your browser?

It’s probably a glitch, I’ve tried 3 different browsers.

Yes, I have been seeing it like that since yesterday. I thought it was only on my laptop. I almost asked the same question. Glad you asked it first so I don´t have to bother making a screen shot.

i am having the same problem…my fiverr forum is also looking that messy one…i thought there must be some issue…was about to ask that but thanks for doing my job…lol

The forum looks normal for me as well, but thanks for reporting this and offering a screen shot. The forum team can send this information along to a forum developer to see if it’s something they can help with.

I think it is a problem for non-US users.

I see the forum also like that

I am in US and see it like that too.

Me too. It’s only like that on the forum er… menu/list pages. The actual posts are normal. The worst thing is probably that you can’t access the right-hand side bar easily, as that’s been dumped at the bottom.

Same for me here. Bugs gonna happen, I’m sure they’ll get squished soon enough.

Same here.

Well, whatever it was has been fixed for me. Hurray! No more ugliness (people aside…)

Fixed for me as well… Hurray! :smiley:

Wait!.. Am I that ugly? :frowning:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :wink:

Same here _ was far too lazy haha

yes, I was getting Screen on my laptop.I thought it was due to slow internet Connection.
Now its working fine at my end.

Phew, Today and yesterday I was unable to login to the forum. :frowning:
What did I miss? :smiley: