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Is it perfect Gig Video?

Dear fellow sellers,

I really concern about my NEW gig Video. I uploaded it YESTERDAY. So I couldn’t understand how it is!

Because English is not my native language but I tried to expose me to Video. So I’m confused that Would FOREIGNER understands my speech in my video or not?

Can anyone help me by checking it?
My video link-

Kind Regards

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I moved your post to “Improve My Gig” where a post of this kind belongs.

I also watched your video. I could not understand most of what you were saying. :thinking:

I am not sure if I can not understand it because of your accent or because you seem to be talking so fast.

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Thank you very much for your comment. I talk a little bit fast. If the buyers couldn’t understand it, Would it be worth?

I’m waiting for what others say. Then If it is not good then I will delete it. :frowning:

Important: you need to remove the short link from the description, short links aren’t allowed. Check approved link list

For video, nicely captured. but you speaking a bit fast. You can reduce some words etc,

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I agree with the above mentions of speed. The lighting is good and I like your choice for background. If you do make a second attempt at recording, see if you can level the camera and aim it a tad down.
Other than that, grammar is the only other main concern.


Thank you so much. Edited the description link. Should I capture a new one?

Thanks for your time and suggestion. Yes, you are right. After completing the record, I have seen camera was a bit curve. I follow your instructions for the next one. Greetings!

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I am sorry, WP if this is a dumb question, but how do you spot a short link as opposed to a long link?

It was a bi tly link before, The user updated it recently :wink:

What is that, I am confused.

A short link service.

I researched short links and I see Google provides them, so that would be a shortlink service. Hmm, I will have to make one so I can see how they look. :wink: