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Is it permitted to make DeepFake videos?

I can make very realistic DeepFakes. I am currently selling a gig in which I will reduce or increase the age of a person in any video. So I just thought I could also offer DeepFake services. Before creating that gig I would like to know whether there is any TOS violation in doing so
Thanks in Advance…!

See that section in this page:

…While there are many legitimate applications of this technology, including mainstream filmmaking, deepfakes can also make it harder to combat the spread of disinformation and potentially easier to dismiss real events as fake. We monitor deepfake activity closely and will review reported cases on an individual basis.

It might depend whether it’s misleading (it’s in the “misleading” section on that page). It could also be copyright infringement or infringe other rights (eg. if you’re getting the source video from somewhere you don’t have the rights to).

I wouldn’t do it to be safe.

Copyright infringement is against the TOS (eg. if you got footage of a famous actor for it without their/'the rights owner’s permission).

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What If I am given the rights, for example by short film makers ??

If you have the rights and it’s not misleading (eg. not spreading disinformation) maybe. But you’re best contacting support I think to get confirmation from them before creating a gig for it.

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How can I contact the support team ??

Through the help desk page / seller help centre or

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Thanks man :blush:…And I will let you know their response

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I contact the support team as per your instruction, Here is their response

Hello there,

It is good that you contacted us. Aldin here and I will gladly assist.

Kindly keep in mind that creating Gigs that offer DeepFakes services is currently not in our Editorial focus.

Also, if there is something else you are good at, you are welcome to create Gigs related to it. You can also check the categories and see what is currently being offered.

I hope this helps,

For any further assistance, feel free to contact me again,


So that’s it DeepFakes are not permitted inside Fiverr

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