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Is it permitted to rewrite someone's gig page?

I got an offer to rewrite the content that they have on their gig page as they aren’t satisfied with how it turned out. Is that allowed? I ask because Fiverr prohibits gigs claiming that they would improve other gigs. Mine is a rewriting gig, so is that permitted?

No it is not. Do a search on the forum, as I think this has been addressed as well as where it is cited that you cannot write or edit others Gig content. I think the reasoning is because the person who owns the Gig needs to write their own stuff - it falls under misrepresentation. Think of a Gig where the grammar and spelling etc are immaculate and then the buyer goes to contact the seller and they get a bunch of gibberish back because they cannot write or speak English properly.



Ah, that makes sense! Thank you.