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Is it possible for a buyer to ask me to sign an NDA after I deliver

A buyer is asking me to sign an NDA after I deliver, there was never any talk about an NDA in the initial conversation or on the order page until AFTER delivery.

He forces me to either cancel the order or sign that. I don’t trust an NDA sent in a file, that can easily be manipulated, so I don’t work with NDAs in general.

Should I go to customer support? Any ideas? Thank you!


You need to deliver your service as stated in your gig description or as agreed upfront with the client due to fiverrs terms of service. If the NDA was never mentioned before (I’m not even sure if an NDA is allowed due to the fact that we can’t share any private details), it definitely sounds like this is now an excuse to cancel the order. Stand your ground, you’re in the right. If you can proof that there was never anything mentioned about that upfront and you have delivered as discussed, don’t cancel. Let CS know about it and ask if an NDA is even allowed. If not, your buyer might be in even more trouble (but as I said, I heard about people who said an NDA would be alright with the blessing of CS). Don’t cancel, re-deliver, tell your client you are uncomfortable with it and it was never part of the deal, additionally you can let him/her know that you will forward the dispute to fiverr.

The only bullet you might have to take is a bad review if the order gets completed.


Thanks man.

I did more than 20000 orders here, and this is the first time I am dealing with someone that forces an NDA down my throat after delivery. Maybe it’s a new way to cancel orders? If so, these scammers are smart.

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You could also try and ask if they are fine with an NDA with your fiverr username. I had a customer who wanted me to sign an NDA some time ago, they contacted me and told me before they ordered, though, so I was generally fine (after-the-fact is not okay in my books) with it, but I told them that according to Fiverr’s ToS …, and it turned out that they were happy with just my username, they just needed something to appease their company practices, apparently.

Else, yes, they definitely should have told you before ordering, or latest on the requirement page, while ordering, then you’d have had the option to cancel the order through support without having to spend time and take a hit to your order completion rate.


After saying he liked the content and seeing I don’t agree with the NDA, he started with threats.

Lost 1h talking with him, showing proof and so on. In the end, I canceled. I wasted more time explaining than anything else…

What is an NDA? :thinking:

Google it. It’s easier than explaining

Thank you I got it.

confidentiality agreement

I’d be reporting the Threats. that is not allowable in any form, but esp with regards to a contract. No law in any land recognizes a contract signed under duress.

In my experience, the only people who ever put NDAs on me were incompetent. They live in fear and as a result can’t trust enough to do what needs doing to make anything worth buying (or stealing). I’d sign an NDA for the military, Coke or Avatar II Revenge of the Blue People but for some $5 job for something that should be in public in 2 weeks. It is a poor sign.



That’s why I canceled and just moved on. I wasted more time and money arguing about the order than what I spent on writing the content he requested. And seeing all kinds of threats and NDA requirements… at that point I just move on.


Put out a google alert for the content you wrote and delivered. They haven’t paid for it and are not allowed to use it. If necessary raise a DCMA request with their host …