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Is it possible for me to embed my Fiverr reviews into my website?

Hi, I am not sure if I have this in the correct category but, I’m putting my portfolio website together with Wix and I’m curious if I could embed my seller reviews on Fiverr onto my webpage?
Hopefully in a manner that it will update in real time.

I know there’s one forum post I found that’s similar to what I want but it doesn’t work for me.


No. There are embedding programs, but 1. These are static, not dynamic, meaning they don’t update when your material is updated. 2. You can only embed pages with said programs, not sections of pages.

Dynamic embeds generally need to be created by the platform where they live because you need certain code to enable them.

What you’re looking for is a dynamic widget and Fiverr itself would need to create that.


I see, thanks for the help.

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Are you familiar with frames on websites and how to make them? They aren’t dynamic, they are old fashioned html code which takes a live site and simply puts a frame around it. They are very easy to make and you can “embed” a page into your site and make it as big or small as you want.

Those are great. He would just have to create a new one each time he has a new review, plus I’m not sure how he could make it clickable.

It’s not just a snapshot, it’s the actual site in real time.

An iframe (short for inline frame) is an HTML element that allows an external webpage to be embedded in an HTML document.

from https ://

An iframe can be inserted into an HTML document using the iframe tag, as shown in the example below:

The code above would insert the contents of the URL into a 728 x 90 px inline frame within the webpage. The iframe source (src) can reference an external website or another page on the same server

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Thanks, I’m familiar with iFrame.

You can’t make something update automatically in real time unless you have access to the API of the original site and incorporate that into the iFrame. Do sites like Embedly have access and integrate the Fiverr API?

The hyperlinks are clickable, but that doesn’t mean it updates in real time.

So you are saying that an iframe that embeds a webpage is going to be or look the same as a screenshot?

YouTube videos and Google Maps windows are often embedded in webpages using iframes. Many web applications use iframes since they can display dynamic content without reloading the webpage.

No, it’s different from a screenshot because the hyperlinks are active.

I’m just saying that, unless a site partners with a company to get access to their API and then integrates that into the embed, it can’t update live. Simply plugging a URL into a site doesn’t grant it access to the API and program it accordingly. Only the hosting company can grant that access and then the company would have to program it to function live.

Yes, that works for Youtube, etc. because they are dynamic. They are designed to update live. They’ve built it into their own embed program. When you get an embed from Youtube, it’s official and from their own embed program.

Embedly, etc. are external programs that aren’t run by Fiverr, so unless Fiverr has partnered with them to grant them access and program things to update live, it won’t happen.

Dynamic embeds are only possible if they are programmed to update live with the API of the company whose data is embedded. Youtube, etc. program their embeds to do this. That’s why they update live.

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So this is embedded. It’s done with simple iframe code. It’s a live cam. You are saying this works due to youtube allowing it.

This site tells how to do it:

I didn’t read this thoroughly OP but it looks to me like it might be your answer. Unfortunately I don’t have any way to work with it myself right now or I would.

I see youtube sets up the iframe code automatically but it appears to me you can do it yourself on your own website.

I’m sure you are right however. I just find it interesting.


I see these features are included with the iframe code:

allow = “accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen

I see a lot of additional code they’ve included also they refer to as “debug code” so I see you are right. That additional code must be what allows this to be shown.

No, I’m saying they update LIVE because Youtube allows them to be updated live. They are programmed to change dynamically.

I never said anywhere that embeds are only possible if the hosting company allows that. It’s not true and I didn’t say that. I’m saying embeds are only dynamic (information changes in the embed automatically when it is updated on the hosting site, like a new review, for example) if 1. They have the API access from the hosting site to do that. 2. It is programmed by the embed creator to update live (information in the embed updates in the embed automatically).

You have to program something to update automatically when information is updated. It doesn’t just happen.

This is just how these things work. I’m not theorizing.

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@misscrystal I’d like to add that, because this is video, the video also wouldn’t likely load from a site except from its official iFrame code.

What I mean is, if this was video hosted by a company website (vs using video hosting like Vimeo, etc.) and living on their webpage, it wouldn’t be a video in the embedded version by Embedly or whatever embed tool you us, unless it was programmed to do that and partnered with Embedly to make the video show as video on their end.