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Is it possible? payoneer 1 account for 2 fiver

My brother who had created a fiver account a few months earlier and used my peyoneer account and he disabled his fiver account for reason, now I have another one fiver account can I use same payoneer account for my new fiver account? please help me, anyone! thanks in advance,


First read the TOS.

  • Your Fiverr profile can be associated with only one account from each Fiverr withdrawal methods. A Payment Service Provider withdrawal account can be associated with only one Fiverr profile.

I think you should use new payoneer account .Because if your brother’s account got disabled but on that payoneer account your brother’s account is connected .You should not take risk…

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oh, now what should I do? can I create another peyoneer with my same identity?

You can create new one Or you can contact CS to clarify that … One more thing you can do that you can use your brother’s payoneer account … Equal Equal …:grinning:

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ha ha ha. Now he create a payoneer and fiver also. he is using his new payoneer in his fiver account, and I am out of my family, now how can I recover my old account? can I closed my old payoneer and create a new one with this information?

You can contact CS and tell them the whole story .They will give you perfect solution …

Best Of Luck

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actually I am new , what is CS means?

Customer Support :grinning:

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payoneer customer support or fiver customer support?

Fiverr Customer Support .

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thanks you a lot for your kind of information.

You are welcome :grinning:

From here you can submit request and contact with them.

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