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Is it possible that a seller can contact another seller? or it will be break fiverr TOC?

Hello everyone, how going your day!
i need to know one thing, if I need to contact another seller for any reason, can contact them over Fiverr easily? or it will be break Fiverr TOC?
advance thanks


I would say No, you can’t just contact another seller any reason that pops up BUT you can contact another seller if your intent is to purchase their service.


Of course you can, it just depends what you’re contacting them about. Obviously you can’t make arrangements to buy each other’s gigs.


You can only contact people if you are interested in purchasing their services.

That’s it.

Anything else is considered spamming and a direct violation of ToS.


Just this morning I was contacted by a seller who wanted be to advise him about how to be successful. I told him he was breaking TOS by contacting me and suggested he ask on the Forum. Then I marked his message as spam.

It is best not to contact other buyers through their profile unless you want to make a purchase.


I got a series of messages yesterday like this:


how are you today

where do you live?

are you married?

Then another one wanted me to discuss in detail how my spells are cast, what gods I call on, gave a list of various religions and entities they worship, a list of esoteric practices with a request that I discuss which ones I follow and practice, etc. He or she said they were very interested in this and are researching it.

@himelahmed62 as others have said, you can only contact sellers if you want to buy their gig.


Technically, not for any reason. The only time you should contact another Seller if it’s business-related. Meaning YOUR interest in purchasing a gig. NOT the other way around, you could land yourself in HOT water :cup_with_straw: if reported for spamming. Nobody likes spammage, coupled with the fact that sending fluff messages, could annoy Sellers. Remember our (RR) response rate is at risk. Since we have no choice but to respond to messages. Just to keep our stats up to par, please do not waste other Sellers time. :pineapple:


As others said, only contact them if you are looking to purchase. I have seen some sellers that offer “freelancing consult” Gigs. If you are trying to contact sellers for advice to be successful, like what happened above I would look for one of those and be ready to pay for their time.

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I had a similar conversation a few days ago. The person wanted to marry me to move to my country (if you read international news, trust me, you don’t want to move to my country). I asked them what should I do with my husband and two children (my 2 cats are my children as far as I’m concerned). He quickly moved to “tell me dear how can earn money on this app”.

I marked him as spam at that point.

The short answer is no, there is no reason you might want to and you shouldn’t. You can PM any seller via forum PMs as long as you’re respectful. I’m pretty sure that’s okay. Forum PMs are for discussing topics that are not necessarily work-related.


If we knew how to make money on this app, we would no longer be here, amirite? Because we would make millions of dollars and then retire. But I guess it’s good that some people are so hopeful today? LOL


At least it’s more okay than on the main site, where it can harm other sellers’ response and does harm their conversion rate, mine is abysmal currently, plus we can choose whether we want to allow PMs or not on the forum. Personally, I turned the forum PM option off for my account quite a while ago now, even though it was nice to chat privately sometimes with a couple of people, mainly because I didn’t like people I’d never even noticed posting on the forum, and who had never posted on the forum, PM me, I get enough spam on the main site already. Another case of some inconsiderate ones spoiling it for the others.
But yes, since there’s the option to not allow PMs, I guess it’s okay to PM the ones who do allow it, as long as etc. :slight_smile:


Someone is looking to marry someone in a country different from his own and thinks that it’s open season on any female who posts on the forum, as a good hunting ground. Because hey who wouldn’t leap at the chance to marry a stranger from the fiverr forum?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a seller contacting another seller for any reason provided they are both cool with it. If someone contacts you

How do you know if someone is open to studio invites? Is this an option I need to check whether or not I am open to invites?

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Looks like I am not eligible for this. That’s okay, I was going to turn it off if I found it. Thank you for the thorough explanation!

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Once you create a studio (if you’re eligible as a studio lead and use the option), you’ll get a link “Find relevant members”. I didn’t try that, as I didn’t want to actually create the studio (yet, no time currently) but I’d assume you’ll tick a category you want to find members in and then get a list of those who turned on (or didn’t turn off, I think it was on by default?) their “open for invites” toggle.

A studio lead contacted me a while ago, and it was not a 100% match, considering what my profile and gigs say, but close enough to have made sense to ask me.

ETA: yes, works via selecting categories, Help Center has an article:

Also very interesting (everything you ever wanted to know about studio gigs, like, who gets the tip and the review :wink: ):


I wonder who gets the money put into their account when there is a studio? Does the studio lead distribute the payment to the others?

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The link that @miiila shared explains:wink: it all.

for purchase their service you can contact the seller

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what if you want to talk about a difficult buyer you’re dealing with and that seller was left a good review from that difficult buyer. what if you want to talk about the experience that seller had with the buyer to avoid a the buyer?