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Is it possible that a seller can see when you read their messages?


Nope. I don’t believe so. We sellers aren’t able to see if someone saw the message. But however there is a timer that shows how many hours ago you were active. He might have made conclusion using that timer or he tries to scare you or something

@Woofy31 fave you a good explanation. He wrote everything before me.


I think I may have scared some buyers, too, because of that small online/offline bug :smiley:

I had messaged someone, Fiverr told me they came online as soon as I hit “send”, I waited for their response, they went offline, sent yet another message, immediately came online, then went offline, never replying back, and the next day the buyer tells me they never came online the other day :smiley: #online_bug

Also, the online/offline indicator is unreliable when it comes to people using the mobile app, because I see them online all the time, even when they should be asleep :stuck_out_tongue:


You are right. I’ve read some time ago that if you install the mobile app you will stay online for the entire time. That was written on some outside blogs that was fiverr success. I have no clue if it’s still works tho.

I have never noticed that bug or I didn’t payed that much attention into it. Usually, I am multitasking for the entire time and don’t notice small things.


:information_source: Once you log in and your status becomes “Online”, it remains that way for approximately 15 mins, and turns off unless you refresh the browser window.


I would like to know if you stay as showing online when you have the app and never turn off your phone?


Yes, you do! :slight_smile:


But I wouldn’t like to appear as online while I sleep - I tried that once, I had a buyer who sent so many messages demanding a response because I was online, started thinking I was ignoring them… never again :smiley:


True, it does have its disadvantages! :slight_smile:


There is a setting in the app, which if you enable, shows you online as long as the app is open. But you can turn it off.


I know but many sellers use it in order to say that they are online for the entire time. :slight_smile:


Is the app automatically open whenever your phone is on?


If you open the app then yes, I believe so.


If you go to settings ==> show online, you can switch it on and off from there.


omg it will be an awesome idea :grinning: !!

like Whasapp haha :smiley:
sounds good :sunglasses:


@misscrystal Yes, but I think if you close the “tab” on samsung or iphone you go offline. And when you open it again you are online. Its a hassle really, you will have to shut down the app everytime you want to appear offline.


Hello all,
I have come up reading all of your comment above. All of you guys are agreed in a point that the sellers are unable to see whether the buyer has seen the message or not. But sometimes while chatting with a buyer, I notice there is a blur writing in the place of writing message. I can see this line visible but for a short time “(name of the buyer) is typing.”

How could I see that!! Have someone has noticed that?


That is a feature implemented by Fiverr some long time ago - I’m amazed you haven’t seen it by now, for I see it everyday.

Basically, the Fiverr Inbox shows you in real-time when the buyer/seller writes the message that they will be sending you :wink: But again, this feature works only in the inbox, not on order pages.


Maybe @Woofy31

I have seen that line(typing) not in a regular based. I saw them 5 out of 1 messages a buyer sent. I don’t know why I can’t see always and everyday like you.

@Woofy31, would you mind, if I request you to write something in the comment box about the “Conversion rate?” As a newbie, I don’t know what this system is, what’s the importance of “Conversion rate?” Or, what percentage of Conversion rate is considered good and what are not?

Thanks in advance…


You may be having a lot of buyers using the mobile app to converse with you, that’s probably why - I noticed that whenever a buyer chats from the mobile app in my Fiverr inbox, it will not show that line (maybe the mobile app is buggy, I don’t know)

As for the conversion rate, have you tried searching the forum? It’s filled with topics talking about the conversion rate, what it is and how it works :wink: As @djgodknows put it:

So basically if you get 1,000 views to your gig, which could be 1,000 potential sales, but only 10 of those views convert to actual sales, then you’ll have a lot conversion rate (i.e. 10/1000*100 = 1%).

Here’s some more reading for you:


Thanks a lot @Woofy31:slight_smile: