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Is it possible to add link to Faq?



I dont have tip for seller, but question.

I offer traffic service and I describe my Gig very accurately and use all characters, but I dont have space where to add more information about service: for example Faq to give potential buyers more information, so I would like to know if it possible on description add link to my website to FAQ page. Recently I did add link in my profile description to my website where I describe my service on Fiverr, but my profile almost was blocked, so now I’m afraid to add link to faq on other website.

Would be great if each seller would have personal subdomain as blog where than we could add more information :slight_smile:


You may add links to YouTube / Flickr. You could be best just dropping a ticket to support though to see if they will allow you to include something like a PDF you can get in touch with them here: as you’re a level one seller there maybe a short delay in answering your ticket, but please be patient and someone will come around to you.