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Is it possible to add money to a gig that's already underway or would I have to open a new one?

I’m doing a customer’s order right now. And he’s asking for a second revision even the job only gave 1 revision.

Is it possible to add more money to gig that’s underway or do I need to start a new order?

Edit: Thanks a lot, guys. Appreciate the help and the advice you’ve given me.


1 revision is 1 revision. For a second revision you can ask for money. If you choose not to and give a revision for free careful if this turns to a loop of endless revisions till you quit.

Definitely don’t want that. Not for free.

But is it possible to add money to that initial order or do I have to start a new order?

It is but it is not a thing I have done.

You need to crate a new Extra. I would assume in theory that it is in Fiverr learning but not sure where.

I too am interested in the answer so hope someone with experience in this can come and lead us through The Valley Of Dread.


You can definitely charge for an extra revision. The scope of your order was previously mentioned. So you can definitely use the fiverr extra option and add an extra charge and if you want more time to do the revision, make sure to add more time to the counter as well.

Yes you can, I was also in this situation no later than yesterday.

I had a Voice Over project for a client, and he seemed so happy that he wanted me to add lines of another character, but his project was delivered and he had to review by today.

Since I cannot record on week ends, and that the order would automatically close on his side today, I decided to add a gig extra to the delivered order. It actually re-opened the order, and now the status is IN PROGRESS.


Without seeming to appear incredibly stupid, can you describe how this Add More money for Jam Biscuits works - I don’t have an open job to experiment with?

Where is the button? What happens when one presses it?

Screenshots would be nice if you have em. Surely you took screenshots of this very event just in case I asked :innocent:


Ooooohhh I see ! I have overdone myself seemingly !

Scroll down to the chat section of your ongoing order and click on the highlighted section as per shown in this screenshot :

Aaah, I see.

Just like many things in Fiverr GUI, this just seems invisible until you have hit it a few times and gotten a muscle memory.

In the Job Chat box, bottom left. + Offer More Extras…

Thanks so much. I owe you one.


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