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Is it possible to adjust my price after somebody orders it?

i am a new digital artist on fiverr and just started my account yesterday, i have no orders yet but i am a bit confused on how to price my art. for example my premium costs $45 AUD for this:

  • choice between portrait, half body and full body

  • any pose/no pose

  • background

  • fully rendered

  • 2 figures

if somebody wants to remove one or two things from my description but keep the rest that is included, is it possible to reduce the price? or will they have to pay the full price. i don’t want them to pay more for something that will take less work.


After order your can’t modification on price, for modification price there is only one option that is cancel order and give buyer custom quotation on his/her inbox. so best option you can choose now.


Suggest you have a look at other gigs in your category to see how this is achieved.

Also, check this out:


Because orders are contracts, you can’t lower the pricing. If the contract is for more work than what you’d be providing, you’ll have to cancel.

You can only mutually add pricing and you would do that via the Resolution Centre.


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I think possible but you can send custom offer. I will be better.

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