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Is it possible to appeal a warning on Fiverr? It seems unfair to us

Today I received my first warning in Fiverr, the reason:

“Your account was flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.”

This is something that I am sure never, never, do, in fact, I have had a streak of several months with all my deliveries with positive ratings, 95% are 5-star ratings, and even, if there is a need for delay, I prefer to deliver late, before marking as finished something that I have not finished (in fact for this reason I temporarily lost my level 2). However I suspect what the problem might have been …

I have a client who asked me for a service, “a copywriting and a publication in a google news”, but once I delivered it, she hinted that also wanted a rewrite of the copywriting (I had previously done a service of this kind, although this was not in the offer); I know that the most correct thing would have been to change the price of the offer, to add the extra cost, but since it was an additional minimum charge, and was a customer for whom I had already made other orders, I decided that I would deliver the order requested, and once i had a free time, I would deliver the additional item at no extra charge.

I asked her for a couple of extra days (and it really took me three), but I send her this extra item, the problem, seems to be that she get upset, because this extra was not delivered as quickly as the others, and she complained with fiverr, stating that we delivered the incomplete order (being that she had already qualified us with 5 stars in this order!). It doesn’t seem fair to us, and we don’t find a way to complain or appeal; I hope someone can recommend us something, to also know if we have options to get rid of this warning, especially we are concerned, because we think that this is a factor to reduce the positioning of the gigs, thanks.


It is absurd that situations like this count against sellers. If your buyer previously marked an order as complete with 5-stars, they had no right to a free revision.

My role is to not offer to revise content after orders have been marked as complete. It only ever ends up with buyers taking significant liberties and often, becoming very rude.

I would say that you could have avoided this warning by not offering to revise the former order FOC. Instead, you could have informed the buyer that a revision would be possible, but not as part of their current order. They would, therefore, have to accept a separate custom offer pertaining exclusively to that project.

I probably would attempt to appeal your current warning. However, I wouldn’t hold out much hope that it will be removed. :frowning:


This doesn’t make sense at all. You are saying that she asked for the extra service after you had already delivered everything included in the gig, so by that point there was no way that the additional service could be delivered as quickly as the ones that already were delivered, unless you’re in possession of a functioning time machine.

If you’re sure that that’s the problem, your client being upset that you couldnt deliver an additional service she asked you to deliver for free after the actual complete delivery and reported you because she wanted you to go back in time and deliver it in addition to actually bought and paid for and already completely delivered services, then, yes, I’d definitely appeal, it’s certainly possible.
If the appeal will do any good, is a different question, would depend on why she actually reported you if she did, how well you can explain the matter and how well it will be understood, I guess.

This is a really good example for why it’s not a good idea to do anything extra for anyone, even a returning customer, it seems like. A real pity you got in this situation by wanting to be kind to a customer.


If you want to appeal, the best thing to do would be to contact CS eg. create a support ticket about it, and you could ask which order it was about (unless you’re sure it was this one). It might also have been caused by the attachment bug. You could explain everything to them in the support thread and include any relevant screenshots.

If you show them that you did nothing wrong maybe they’ll remove the warning.


What exactly was your gig supposed to be for? What exactly did you deliver the first time?

Was the extra item supposed to be delivered at the same time as the rest of the order?


Though I think there have been posts where Fiverr have said they should be given free revisions after completion eg. if they still have free revisions left (or I think it was posted that Fiverr expected the seller to do the revision or something even after completion - which could be sent through the inbox) eg. a buyer ordered a gig/package with 5 free revisions but used less than that then came back some time after completion and asked for a revision.

edit: see this post: Revisions after an order is marked as complete

or maybe it’s more about auto-completed orders. See: Revisions after an order is marked as complete

Though Fiverr does say:

  • Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order page while an order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the Seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the Seller at the beginning of the order process.

Maybe they should make it even clearer in the TOS about whether any unused free revisions can be given after an order is marked as complete.

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If buyer gave 5 star & marked your order as completed then I don’t think she might did complaint about you, hence Fiverr ask buyers about private feedback as after 48hrs of order marked as completed. I am sure she didn’t marked you a well private feedback or she maybe added some comments about your order which caused you a warning. I should recommend, if you comment with any buyer for extra job without extra charges, then you have to complete in 12-24hrs to avoid such kind of warning.

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Thanks for your answer, when i said “this extra was not delivered as quickly as the others”, i mean, in the same time (2 days) than the original order; the gig deliver is for two days, the custom offer said clearly (write one original article and publish it trough google news), AFTER i deliver it, she said: “thanks, i’m marking the order as complete and keep waiting for the rewrite of the article” , i think she tought i will deliver this before a couple days, but it took me more time, because i was giving this extra for free.
(In one of the previous order with her, she ask me for this extra rewrite too, and i changed the order to add the cost), but, when she ask -weeks later- for a new custom offer (i didn’t remember the details of every client), i don’t send her an offer for three items (article+publish+rewrite), i only send offer for two (article+publish), i was offering the rewrite for free, and apart of the offer. Hope could explain. Thanks for your advice


Thanks, i guess i will try

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It sounds like you agreed to rewrite the article later but delivered it as it was.

So she saw the article you wrote and said she wanted it re written. Then you delivered it but agreed to rewrite it.


The first orders with her was write original article and publish it in our site connected with google news; but in the previous order with her, she ask for a copyscape rewrite version of the same article (to publish in her blog), when she came back weeks later, i didn’t remember this detail, and she just ask for another custom offer, so i send the offer only (and clearly) including only the original article and the publish, but when i deliver it, she ask for a rewrite. I tried to be gentle, because was a returning buyer, so i said yes, i will do this for free (is a cheaper service), but i guess she get upset because i didnt deliver it soon.

Did she ask for the rewrite before you delivered it?

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If Fiverr has such a policy, it too is absurd. This would mean that orders stay open in perpetuity. In all of my own cases, we’re also talking about buyers who come back several months o even years later wanting a ‘revision.’ - i.e. They’ve been using a piece of content and want to revamp it FOC.

I’ll take this interpretation of the rules. :wink:


No, she said only “I want a new custom offer please”, and i sent her a custom offer that clearly states that was for an original article and a publish (not the rewrite).

Did you publish it? …

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I think I remember that post. With the buyer coming back with a screenshot of the CS email where CS said: “But not to worry! You can always PM the seller and continue working on the order in your inbox!”

I giggled hysterically at “Not to worry!” So enthusiastic.

PS I don’t consider it a confirmation that you’re always and forever obligated to provide free revisions, though. It just sounds like someone trying too hard to make the buyer happy.


Yes, before marking the order as complete :frowning:

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agree with you dear mate :unamused:


Ah, I see. Well, in that case, it would have been better to talk about a delivery time.

However, the main point is still that she asked for that additional work after you already delivered what was included in the actually ordered gig, it wasn’t part of the gig, and thus the delivery can’t be regarded as incomplete. That’s my point of view, and I’d try to appeal as it’s possible that your client presented the case in a way that made Fiverr think the “missing item” was part of the order.

If you had discussed that additional work and told her you’d do it before she ordered and you delivered, that would be a different story, but if she asks additional work out of the scope of the order after you delivered and none of you mentioned a delivery time, well, then she might still be upset that it took longer than the delivery time for the actual gig she bought but it still doesn’t make that actually bought gig’s delivery incomplete.

Well, in case you appeal, I hope you’ll get a patient and engaged support person who might look through this situation and trash the warning, and else, I guess you’ll be more careful next time and hope that something like this won’t happen again.

A warning seems unjustified to me in this case anyhow but we don’t know the exact conversation you had with your customer, nor how she presented her issue to support, for all we know, she may just have clicked an “incomplete delivery” button and you got an automated warning. In which case an appeal might help. Good luck, whatever you decide. If you do appeal, please keep us updated about the outcome.

… Though, from your reply and a later post, I’m not quite sure anymore if there wasn’t a misunderstanding between you and the buyer and she actually wanted not additional work (the rewrite) but had wanted the rewrite originally, instead of what you delivered? In that case, marking the order as incomplete would make more sense. A complicated situation in either case, if you’ll appeal, be very precise.


well said . I like it .

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