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Is it possible to block a member of the forum?

Is it possible to block someone on this forum so I can’t see any of their comments etc…
Like their account doesn’t exist for me. :roll_eyes:


Profile - Preferences - Users - Ignored and/or Muted - add the username you want to block.


It says that It only stops notifications from them? I would like that I cant see what they commented somewhere else for example etc.
In any case thanks for your help and time! :grin:

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I said sorry…
<20 chars>


I don’t remember which (ignored or muted) stops which but I’ve blocked a few individuals who seemed to say vaguely controversial things just to say them and I used both of those features. Ever since then I’m blissfully unaware that they exist.

Sometimes you may see them being quoted by other users or you stumble across a “hidden comment” in a thread but other than that it works great.


I don’t have ignore option. !

Mod Note: Screenshot removed.

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Hmm. Maybe try using “mute” first and then the “ignore” option will appear when it becomes clear that you absolutely can’t tolerate a person? :slight_smile:


I hate these threads. It leaves everyone wondering if they are the person you hate.

As for how you do this. I don’t know. I tried once. However, all it did was result in me not noticing when @eoinfinnegan likes or replies to my posts. Possibly he’s protected in some way by a group of powerful people. :thinking:

I never really tried to block @eoinfinnegan, I actually quite like him. I just said this for dramatic effect.


@jovicdesigns, please edit the screenshot. Your email is showing.


Man, it never crossed my mind that this would have that effect like srsly… damnn
It’s none in this topic at least I can say that but that was srsly not my intention…
Sorry if I made someone feel like that! Also I don’t hate that person it is just something irritating in the way it talks although he it is helpful it just gives me some very weird feeling which makes me rethink do I even wanna visit the forum at this time. But if someone asked me do I know anyone who can help them and it is the specialty of that person I would definitelly propose them… far from hate!
Do you guys think I should delete the post? As it is obviously removed feature or something.

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I understand. I personally feel that most people on the forum should be in some kind of institution. - Especially the regulars.

Delete your post if you like. However, I was only playing with you. I don’t think you really hate anyone.

Could be quite the reality TV show if we are all in the same one


At mine, you had to have a court judgement against you.

However, maybe if we all got naked and started running round shouting "THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS BIRDS" we’d all get put on the same ward. - Similar symptoms and all.

All we’d need then is someone to film us.



Paging Frank_d to the Bird Denier Ward

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I don’t really know but I know you can flag someone for being offensive to you and their comments will be removed. @lenasemenkova you’re very knowledgeable with Fiverr, you’re def a good go to for someone that isn’t too familiar with TOS (I read them, but for a quick reference). Thanks for sharing that.

Whew… well, we know you’re not referring to me then. I was already in an institution. After four years, they gave me a piece of paper with my name on it, and told me to go make my way in the world. I guess the institution didn’t want me anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


don’t have ignore this option.